Ahmed Lekssays whatsApp security bug 2015

Moroccan Student Finds a Security Breach in WhatsApp for iOS

Ahmed Lekssays whatsApp security bug 2015

Ahmed Lekssays “picture by Morocco World News”

A talented 19-year-old Moroccan student has reported a potential security bug in WhatsApp for iOS, the smart young man called “Ahmed Lekssays” succeeded to access WhatsApp messages by copying the app files to Linux operating system.

The loophole grants access to private WhatsApp messages, list of names and telephone numbers even if the phone is already protected by a user code or a password. The official security team of WhatsApp has confirmed the security breach via an email as a reply to Ahmed’s notification about it:

Thanks for reaching out to us. Yes, if you lose control of your device/OAuth tokens or cookies for that matter, your session may be hijacked. As you know, WhatsApp creates a second backup of the phone’s contacts on its folder, so the contacts will be also copied.

We hope you continue to contact us with issues like this in the future. Thanks for helping keep WhatsApp secure!

Ahmed Lekssays

The talented young student has previously discovered another loophole in Twitter app for iOS.

“Lekssays”, is now studying Computer Science at the University of Al Akhawayn in Ifrane, is a permanent member of the OWASP organization, an online community dedicated to web application security which includes corporations, educational organizations and individuals from around the world.

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The New iPhone 6s & iPhone 7 Release Date on September 9th, 2015

New iPhone 6s iPhone 7

A popular concept image for the iPhone 6s design

The official unveiling of Apple’s next iPhone, dubbed the “iPhone 6s”, is fast approaching and has been announced to be on Wednesday, September 9th, – much as it does every year to be in mid-September – or should we say the new iPhone 7 is coming? Good question! Going by the above pattern, and assuming that Apple keeps a small (4.7-inch) and large (5.5-inch) version, designating the latter ‘Plus’, we’ll have the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Apple also will probably launch the new iPad Pro, an offical speaker on behalf of the company refused to reveal such information though.

However, there are also rumours that we will get a 3rd phone this year – an iPhone 6c. Also a consistent rumor and speculation over the last few months has pretty much confirmed that Force Touch will be amongst the new features that will be introduced with the new iPhone 6s, a feature that allows the operating system to split user interaction into varying groups depending on the force of the touch detected on the display. Despite all this, Apple could choose to buck its own naming convention and go straight in with the iPhone 7. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Expected New Features of the New iPhone 6s or iPhone 7

Camera – The next generation of the iPhone will see the “biggest camera jump ever”, offering quality to rival a DSLR, it’s been reported that the new device would include a “weird two-lens system where the back camera uses two lenses and it somehow takes it up into DSLR quality imagery.” What exactly the “two lens” system refers to is unclear, and is likely to remain so until the launch. It was claimed too that the next camera will receive a welcome bump up to 12MP, with the front camera capable of recording 1080p video at 60fps, 240fps in slow motion mode and flash support.

New iPhone 6s camera

The composition of the iPhone 6s camera lens

Force Touch – is one of the most interesting new features that will be introduced with the next iPhone, a feature that allows the operating system to split user interaction into varying groups depending on the force of the touch detected on the display.

There could also be a new processor – the A9 – and guess what? It will be produced by Samsung. A smaller, faster and uses less power, just as you’d expect from a new chip. The current A8 series use a 20nm process and the new ones would use 14nm. RAM is also likely to be upgraded to 2GB from the current 1GB.

iOS 9 – is also likely to introduce new features at a software level. Among the features we’re hoping to see in iOS 9: improved parental controls, group FaceTime calls and split-screen app multitasking.

We expect a lot more from Apple to come up with its next iPhone 6s aka iPhone 7, as all of you iPhone lovers, we shall stay tuned and excited to see the queues snaking around Apple stores across the globe and surely in Apple’s new store in Dubai, UAE.

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Web Design Dubai

4 Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Web Design Especially in Dubai

Web Design DubaiWhen you decide to redesign your outdated website or create a new website for your business, you need to consider that the amount of users who are surfing the Internet daily using their mobile devices is on the rise. Smartphone usage in the UAE especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is way higher than any other cities in the middle east. They find it handy and faster to search and browse their desired services (such as web design Dubai) using their mobile phone or tablet. Here, we outline top six reasons as to why having a responsive website might be a perfect idea for your planned website design in Dubai.

Watch the video below to learn more about responsive design

1. Because almost 40% of your visitors found you through their mobile & tablets

In fact, you don’t need to lose such kind of your audience, there’s a potential customer who’s ready to make sales now and they will just bounce back because your content haven’t appeared properly on their smartphone. Internet surfers recently are looking for products and services they need and will make a call right away via their phone if your content have attracted them. You know well that you may have amazing content and pictures are parked there on your website but are not yet optimized for mobiles and tablets.

2. Responsive website will convert your visitors into sales through improved user experience

You may find the above title is over said, then you need to know that Google says: Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers! Responsive web design dubai It’s amazing to know that this study found that when users interact with these un-optimized sites, it can be bad for business.  As 48% of people reported feeling frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that’s not a mobile-friendly. So, if your site offers an excellent mobile experience, users will be more likely to convert into customers.

3. You don’t need to create a duplicated version of your website

In the past, webmasters had to create two websites or more to manage mobile user experience, and each website should be updated and maintained separately over time. With a responsive website, you only have one code for one website, and the design will just be adjusted automatically to fit adaptively on each screen of the device that is used to browse your website. This also will help you having site reports and web analytics from one source for all devices.

4. For having improved SEO and SEM for your content

Speaking of a better Search Engine Optimization technique, Google and other search engines can detect if your website is a mobile-friendly when people search using their mobile, and it gives it a higher rank over other competitors. You of course don’t need to miss this opportunity of being noticed more on mobile search results. Web Design in Dubai